Points It's Essential To Know About Japanese Anime-Style Games

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Points It's Essential To Know About Japanese Anime-Style Games

It has an increasing trend of Japanese and anime-themed games gaining interest lately, especially in American and European regions.

Since 1959, published manga, broadcast anime, as well as other staples of Japanese pop culture have been the inspiration of Japanese games. In 1983, together with the first home gaming consoles arriving at market, games began to generate their particular manga, anime, cards, and character-product spin-offs, advancing the hybridization for these media. This trend continued in to the 90s, also to this day, anime will continue to exert a robust influence over Japanese game designers.

Influenced by Japanese anime and manga, Japanese game art interests viewers due to its distinct look and feel, cultural nuances, and unique concepts. Anime art utilizes a more stylized aesthetic that liberates the animators from stringent adherence to depicting reality. Its characters, in both regards to personality and appearance, are simplified and exaggerated, expressive and easy to understand. The styles vary from direct and straightforward to bizarre and flamboyant. By way of example, extremely common to determine oversized, expressive eyes in characters, with non-organic hair colors (green, blue, violet, etc.) to denote personality.

As the games industry grew, they ventured out into Japanese game art production, including characters, illustrations, backgrounds, animations, and more.

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