Details You Need To Learn About Japanese Anime-Style Games

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Details You Need To Learn About Japanese Anime-Style Games

There's an increasing trend of Japanese and anime-themed games more popular in recent years, particularly in North American and European regions.

Since 1959, published manga, broadcast anime, and other staples of Japanese popular culture have already been the muse of Japanese games. In 1983, together with the first home video games coming to market, games started to generate their unique manga, anime, cards, and character-product spin-offs, advancing the hybridization of such media. This trend continued into the 90s, also to this day, anime is constantly on the exert a strong influence over Japanese game designers.

Depending Japanese anime and manga, Japanese game art draws viewers due to the distinct look and feel, cultural nuances, and different concepts. Anime art utilizes a more stylized aesthetic that liberates the animators from stringent adherence to depicting actuality. Its characters, in terms of personality and look, are simplified and exaggerated, expressive and simple to comprehend. The styles range between direct and easy to bizarre and flamboyant. For instance, extremely common to see oversized, expressive eyes in characters, with non-organic hair colors (green, blue, violet, etc.) to indicate personality.

Because games industry grew, they ventured out into Japanese game art production, including characters, illustrations, backgrounds, animations, plus much more.

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